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Acorn Vessel from Special Firings

“Juniper Beach, 27 x 54 in. from the series  Pacific Scrolls”

Bezalel-Levy is the combined signature of a husband and wife collaboration of 25 years. Chaim Bezalel is a photographer, artist and musician. Yonnah Ben Levy is a painter, sculptor, and ceramicist. They work both independently and collaboratively out of their studios in Stanwood, WA and in Ashkelon, Israel.
אתר בעברית

A series including paintings and video concerning the roots of Romanticism.

Bowls of Blessing

An installation including 12 large ceramic bowls with text and images fired into the glaze. Also a video with original soundtrack containing the traditional chanting of the Torah with an instrumental jazz accompaniment.

Beit Shean (Northern Israel) acrylics on handmade paper, 24 x 58 in. from the collection, First Corinthians

Over 35 original songs on our Soundcloud site


Icons, Triptych, 22 x 37 x 4 in. mixed media with encaustic wax

Spotlight I, II, and III, 54 x 42 in. each, mixed media with acrylics on canvas. Images of the effect of spotlight on the wall of a 100 year old train station near Jaffa

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