above: Cascade Autumn, mixed media with pastels, 3 ft. x 8 ft. for Providence Everett Hospital - See our section on Public Art. We've done about 50 works of art for public spaces.

In 1989, two artists, a man and a woman, got together. They decided to create a collaboration, temporarily putting aside their own individual pursuits. At the time, Chaim Bezalel was a new immigrant to Israel. A musician and photographer, he had studied film in college but had spent the past ten years as a stockbroker, including on Wall Street. Yonnah Ben Levy was working at several jobs in Jerusalem including illuminating parchments, painting on pottery, and teaching dance. Together they experimented on techniques of combining photography and painting, which they soon began to market in the form of greeting cards and posters, which sold around the world. Twenty-eight years later, they are are still together – as three artists, her, him, and the collaboration, with the combined signature of Bezalel-Levy. All three have grown and developed over the years. They divide their year between studios in Stanwood, Washington and Ashkelon, Israel.


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